December 13, 2010

my wish

Once I legitimately wished I was an Anderson. no lie. but who hasn't really. I remember that house well. the smell of laundry detergent and chlorine, the bountiful amounts of top ramen and captain crunch, the way you could tell if a visitor was new or returning by what doorbell they used.

man that house is collassal. last I saw, their fridge had a tv on it. they have an indoor pool. heck, that house is so big I have been repelling in their living room. their christmas tree is 25 feet tall.
I remember it well. their barbie house was big enough for my sister to fit in.

We even played a game called, "lock-all-the-doors-before-the-person-outside-gets-in" when it was just us three. I always won when I was the outsider because the greenery had a sliding door that no one else knew about but me.

You could find something new everyday in that house. I was there everyday for 3 years and still haven't been in all the rooms. maybe one day you will get lost in that house. and wish that you too, were an Andersen.

max impressed me today. he put this together. I am jealous. I love it so. it is now my project for the end of twenty ten to duplicate it. you should view. all the pictures are ones taken for his blog.

and as max would say, have a wonderful monday.
peace and blessings.


emilee said...

love love loveeeeeee

dp said...

I call them "Magnificent", THE magnificent Andersens.
They should have had a post on there own.