December 06, 2010

it's precipitating!

I have probably consumed over two hundred starburst in the last twenty hours.
now I just need to learn how to make the bracelets. I'm fairly sure that just maybe I have enough wrappers.

owl city is the bread to my butter. not only do the tunes make my seat and I dance, but the lyrics are so imaginative and poetic. the kind of songs I'd write. if only I had a voice to sing them.

children have one track minds. I hear them mutter their missions as they zoom past me with a step ladder in hand, "Get the flag, get the flag, get the..." I love children. When I step foot into my elementary school of past, I feel like an amazon, but that feeling sinks away much too soon, because I am too pale to be an amazon. that's totally cool.

computer tech just went up in the rankings. I still think it is the most futile class in existence, for we all learned to send email at the age of ten. and no one even does anymore. I swear my class knows more about computers than the professor. Although I still believe this, reaching 347 words per minute with Justin and Jaden makes it more exciting. and also, Landen's kidney is burning. oh. no reason. maybe because Jaden just punched it. easily the most entertaining class of the day.

I think having good grades is a valid reason for leaving class early. and the school's macaroni and cheese used to be delectable.

Micah Wilcock is a peach. he makes my day everyday. one of the only kids who appreciates my humor.

and don't forget. it's precipitating outside.

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