December 14, 2010

first class

(this was my computer tech assignment today)

December 14, 2010
Santa Claus
101 Candy Cane Lane
524 West North Pole
Arctic 12251

Dear Santa Claus:

I gave you my cookies, and you left me a sweater. Not cool dude. I still need to thank you for the rockband. That was pretty legitimate. and the Hannah Montana CD, the lunch box, the earrings… but in all honesty big man, listing all the stuff I got last year, I think I am being mistaken for an eight year old.

I am fifteen. No lie. and in my fifteenth year I have been a pretty good female. Shall we reminisce?
At the dawn of the year I was watching seven brides for seven brothers. The exact copy you gave me. Six months later we watched it in the straw’s yard on the projection screen in the summer air. I digress back to the year, it was a year filled with Birdies, purple turtle, haircuts, dances, the best last week of school ever, strawberry days filled with enjoyment, youth conference, freshman year, Shakespeare competition, and on and on. And through it all I was good. It wasn’t hard. The best year so far.

This year, I won’t ask for much. unlike last year... what I would really like most of all is to go to Nauvoo. And after that an iPod touch… followed by some compact discs, Julian smith tee shirts, chocolate oranges (I prefer the ones that come in the purple packaging), a mac tv therefore to view Netflix, and last and certainly most least oreos.

So it is with these dema- humblest wishes that Ieave with you for the holidays. May your season be filled with cliché happiness and joy that can only be felt deep in your bosom in this season of giving. Merry Christmas, big man.

Olivia Petty


emilee said...

"I don't want much..."
[giant list]

olivia said...

um. I printed my actual wish list which was like.
2 in total and she was like.
"make it longer."

hence the bull crapping.
I had a baby hurricane on it(:
but that vanished in the 2nd draft.

Spencer said...

Go Julian Smith shirts and Mac Tv's. (Well. Mac's in general.)