December 08, 2010

El Llorar

every time I write a 10 I stare at it and think that I will soon have to get used to an 11. two thousand ten is coming to a close. but reminiscing about the year is a post for a later date.

one thing to do to make you just a tad bit happier is to use random numbers on the microwave.
because I am certain that those extra seconds count.

right now I am trying to decide whether I should change or not. My pajama pants with the hearts on them are sure to brighten my day.

remember. don't drink that racist coffee. or coffee at all. either way.
((I know the picture is a little scary, you should watch it anyway.))


1 comment:

Meggy Leu said...

I always hit random numbers on the microwave! The extra seconds do count.
You made my day better, I could not stop laughing at Racist Coffee!!