December 01, 2010

christmas in a cup

in all my stalking glory, I have discovered contradicting 'christmas in a cup' opinions. I would like to put an end to the inquiries right now. the ultimate christmas in a cup is the one discribed in the proposal. I have never had it, but I trust Ryan Reynolds.

just kidding. French Vanilla hot chocolate courtesy of starbucks. put your hands in the air if you've ever felt like a rebel with a coffee cup in hand. ((I do not drink coffee mind you.))

anywhom. presentation. it's not power point. but it secretly is. Julie and Ivan are my new besties. the are secretly five different people from Oregon. if you would like to know this story please ask me. it is a humorous one.

Mcclain is a guest star on the post today. say hi. "yaaaay! hi- oh wait." that is all the time we have today.
for Mcclain. "sniffle sniffle." he keeps singing our house. "I shall be silent now." this is funny. you should be here.

miss parson reads blogs. she should read this one. I am her favorite. next to matt.
anyways children. I got elastics. they are painful. avoid at all costs.
did you know that Tehran Iran is closed for a two day holiday due to pollution? current event of the day.

that is all the time we have for today in miss parson's class of funtime! I'm Olivia....and he's Mcclain! see you next time!

"I'm so confused. Ryan Reynolds."

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Meggie said...

hahah i saw a magazine that said ryan reynolds is the sexiest man alive... just sayin