December 01, 2010

the best wednesday of my life

sharpie war
julie and ivan
julie and mark
in your face
special brownies
under the chairs we go
leg shuffle
one bar two bar...
oh. i was texting him
i chewed my fishie!
how dare you say those words?
uh from the dictionary
oh. we are on your porch.
baptist church.
central elementary
that would be great.
i'm not going. i'll go! okay. i'll go.
i think i am hitting his lower back...
scott pilgrim
little caesars
byu art museum
electronic art
i'm almost to the top- fall.
penguin waddle
is that your mom?!
i love meat!
cousin from ohio?!

the best wednesday of my life.

1 comment:

Meggie said...

ah!! i know right?
haha yeah, i am so happy i chewed that fish. it was the best