November 07, 2010

star date 24.48.05

Sigourney Weaver as a blonde is humorous. galaxy quest.
bed bath and beyond candy corn hand sanitizer smells lovely.
my cupcake earrings are probably my favorites.
spencer lent me the new taylor swift album. it is grand.
I really like wearing skirts. they are flowy and flattering.
my grandmother took me out shopping for my birthday,
she said that I really like feminine styles.
I went straight towards the flowers and ruffles.
steak and coupons are my best friends.
my nails are still black from halloween.  and now that I bring up halloween,
I realize I have not posted a non-cliche photo of my costume. so here is the epic one.

yes. I demand it in full size. let's pretend my face is happier. Olivia recently discovered that she could never be a model. not because I have low self esteem, because I think I am pretty soul, but because I cannot pull of a model face. I am not a serious person. A picture when I am not smiling and or joking around is not a picture of me.
those combat boots are my fathers, children. I think they are nifty too.
my marching band comes home today. I am giddy with joy that they are back in the state.


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