November 24, 2010

La Loba

You should try listening to a song you know word for word. in spanish.
It is the greatest experience I have had since petting a fish.

I decided that thanksgiving break will be the break where I turn into a hermit and never leave the house. Except maybe to see Tangled.
I will stay here. eat. play rockband. sleep. and dance in my room like the teenager I am.
what are your plans for this break?
and um. Blizzard my butt. I thought it was a stretch when I looked at the forecast, looked out the window and saw blue... I first heard about it from my seminary teacher. and normally your seminary teacher is always right. alas. we all had the snow pulled over our eyes. not.

for my ginormous inquiry project I decided to do columbine. I am reading the book over the break. It's by a detective person who dedicated the last ten years of his life to columbine. his name is David Cullen.
well no wonder he could do something like that for ten years, he's a vampire clearly.

I hope they call me on a mission. when I have grown a foot or two. really I do.
I plan on serving. I do. I just have that missionary handshake.

I think I'll wear my shakespeare shirt today. represent.


olivia said...

because you clearly have a strong grip on reality.

emilee said...

fact: I know most of the words to La Loba. & every other spanish song on that cd. shakira is my home girl.