November 12, 2010

I remember

recently I have been testing my memory and thinking of my favorite times with my favorite people.
I'd like to pen down some of my childhood. here is my brain power for the day:

I remember when me and [you] were on your trampoline and we were both enrolled in karate. Naturally we tried to one up each other, and quite frankly- we were both pathetic. Some how I managed to put my fist where your face was, and cut your lip. I was declared the winner. I was so astounded because you were one year older than me. and at seven years old, beating some one one year older than you was quite the accomplishment.
I'm sorry I used to drag you home by your back pack calling you lollipop.

I remember when [we] used to sit in the window sill on sundays and look out to the wisteria. We'd eat our peanut butter and honey sandwhiches with much euphoria and laughter.
I'm sorry I used to drink your apple juice out of your sippy cup.

I remember when we plugged in [your] purple radio and pumped up the party with the first hannah montana compact disc. we were ballerina's on the trampoline. remember super pee? so do I. let's forget that one.
I'm sorry you punched me in the face too.

I remember when [you] taught me how to swing. not dance. swing on a playground swing. everyone was swooping down to say hello to me back on the ground and then swiftly returned to the heavens, only to repeat the process. I just sat there staring in my favored purple swing. You were in the green one next to me. everyday. except tuesdays. You leaped out of your swing and landed in front of me.
"Why aren't you swinging?!" you demanded.
"I can't." I replied quietly. "I don't know how." your face softened and you took your spot next to me. and 6 minutes later, I knew how to swing.
I think you should apologize to me for telling Karen that I was the one who said the cookie dough looked like cow pie.

I remember when [we] had our first sleepover. We watched 13 going on 30. first PG-13 movie I ever viewed. at the age of 12.89 ((I felt like a sinner.)) and then Just my Luck. we then proceeded to shove littlest pets into cake. then the host of this little party threw up. good times.
and then we had a science experiment. we were watching Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior. the hostess threw up again. who knew excessive amounts of bananas could do that to you.
I'm sorry I am the only who hasn't vomited at our sleepovers.

I remember when we broke a table at purple turtle. and then we got cookie dough shake all over the window. and everyone ran to taco amigo in fear of the manager, but [you] stayed and cleaned it up and took the blame. It wasn't your fault the table broke, he threw a penny at my face. It was breaking anyway.
I'm sorry you don't understand half of what I say. and I'm sorry the other have you do understand isn't logical.

I remember.
if you know who fits in what [  ] I will give you a donut of your choosing.


emilee said...

Really? Donut?
I know a few of them, actually.

Meggie said...

i dont know any of them! this is so new to me

Mary said...

Ha. I know who was at purple turtle. i was there. may i say? is that cheating? i don't know how to play this game!!

SuzyQ said...

I know all of them!! Well all but the purple radio.. Im pretty sure whp that one is though..