November 09, 2010

'flex has been cancelled'

I get handed the bright purple slip of paper. I snatch it up and give it a decent gander. There was a *failure alright. yet my slip was still colored? I learned at a young age never to look a gift horse in the mouth. I had already planned out where I was going to go, when the crackle and pop of the intercom sounded.

"Attention students and teachers, due to a glitch in the system,
flex has been cancelled."

sounds of alarm and dismay filled the lab. to me, it sounded like,

"christmas has been cancelled."
that's the way he said it too. as if it pained him to say it, but it had to be said. mr. camp then instructed our instructors to take back the flex slips.

mrs. twiggs told us to pass them down the row, some kids had already begun ripping theirs up. I wasn't going to let this phenominal slip escape from me so easily. I slipped it into my binder. twiggs announced that we would have free computer lab, since that is what goes down in her room regularly anyway.
then mrs. twiggs started playing simon and garfunkle. all is well.

I'm not quite sure wether I am pleased with the cancellation or not yet.
yes spencer. flex was cancelled. it seems the world wanted me to be a good seed.

once every blue moon something such as this occurs at this school. and whenever someone brings it up, everyone recites where they were and what went down. just so you know, this is my story.
this is what happened to me that fateful day christmas was cancelled.

what happened when you heard, 'flex has been cancelled.' ?

*it is the beginning of the term
and I was absent on friday
so I didn't turn something in.
this is the first 'F' on my grades all year.


Spencer said...

There is always tomorrow.
I expect there to be sluffing yes?

emilee said...

When I heard Mr. Camp on the intercom, he was using his "this is extremely urgent and I want the students to listen intently even though they will probably get crazy ideas and laugh" voice.
I was disappointed when he said that Flex was cancelled. Not because I wanted to go to intervention, but because he used that voice inappropriately.