November 20, 2010

club meetings

I would say they are the best things since pants... but it normally gets awkward when I say this because normally everyone in the room don't even like pants. so club meetings are the best things since throwing crazy cores at jumping people.

what you need to be to be in the club : 

in the play. or a sophomore.
waiting for a ride home from rehearsal
and at least one person at all times needs to have an iPod touch
filled with useless applications of course.
what qualifies as useless?
our favorite is the metronome app.
these would suffice as well.

usual club agenda :

meet at the meeting house.
((space in between doors at the front entrance of the school))
migrate between first and second heater periodically.
nauvoo dancing. and other move busting.
and ever so slowly wait as, one by one
we all get picked off.
(or picked up)
and once the vital club members apparate
the meeting is adjourned.

club meetings. be there or be quadrilateral.

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