November 16, 2010

52 weeks and 1 day ago

three hundred and sixty five days ago was the worst day of my life to my knowledge and so far.
I woke up today and I was ready to kick today in the butt. I was going to make this day awesome.
and it would not be a day of infamy so long as I live. (especially since it is my mum's birthday.)

let us read the journal entry of a year younger self. brace your selves for the words of a smaller olivia.
((note : most if not all is about a boy.))

Mom's birthday today. I woke up at 7.30 and I needed a shower. bad combination. Dad actually packed me a lunch.  So Emilee and I (mostly Emilee) made a list for [insert teenage heartthrobs name here] of all the girls that liked him. It was like a bunch of girls princesses lining up to see the prince, hoping that when he see's their name- he will fall madly in love with them. well. he didn't like anyone on the list. or rather, the girl he liked wasn't on the list. Much to the heartache of all. Including me. It's like liking a celebrity. impossible. So I told dad about my delicate emotions and he rented a movie and brought me chocolate. what a wonderful father I have! I watched ice age three. it cheered me up for a while. I am much to young for this. I'll wait and continue being his friend and maybe one day when we're older and mature, he'll come around.

feel free to awww. I hope you found pleasure in that. because I didn't. the only joy that brought me was seeing how much knowledge I have gained between now and then, although that was a wise young olive. good move. 

it also made me realize. my life is so much better now than it was then. let us rejoice.

thoughts on past olivia?


emilee said...

Those were extremely awkward days.
I cannot believe we did that.
And I cannot believe you posted about it on your blog and actually used my name. Hahaha
It is a lot greater hanging out with [insert boy name] now that we aren't so obsessed with him.

Maddy Frechem said...

So I'm guessing that the list of all the girls obsessed with Evan was seriously long. I mean after all when you were in eighth grade, and he in ninth, the whole eighth grade girl population adored him. Haha Evan the celebrity.