October 30, 2010

thought process


  [dans, dahns] Show IPAverb, danced, danc·ing, noun–noun
10. a social gathering or party for dancing; ball: Was he invitedto the dance?
I hear you say dance, and this is my thought process.

Do you mean stake or school dance?

if school, then I proceed to think, 'I wonder who's going?... I like dances.' but last night I discovered that I really don't like dances much if there isn't enough people I know. I like dances to be social, fun for everyone, and full of laughter.

although if you have only a couple close friends here is what happens: you show up. look for people you know. oh look, that's no one. except the old best friend hanging out with that one person who hates your innards. oh hey! I like this song! oh wait. it's over. okay. let's leave. and come back. why did I come back? because I spent five dollars.  and emilee was with us now. dance with the cool japanese kid. and then flee to the purple turtle. mooch off everyone else's fries. scream when the occasional face shows up in the window.
well. roughly that's what happens. and you let madison take a cliche picture. oh well.

if stake, then I proceed to think, 'Free dance with cleanness? I am there.' tonight I am attending. I anticipate it will not disappoint. stake dances are the bread to my butter. Clean music, modesty, and it isn't limited to just junior high ages. that means my high school friends. what could possibly be better?

although it makes me sad inside when people complain about how lame the music is. because. I listen to that music on a daily basis. I think it's cool. jonas brothers? yes.

I hear you say dance, and I say, "let's go."


emilee said...

I quite enjoyed last night's dance. Even though Robyn tried to kill us with her eyes. (yes. I named names.)
I am terribly excited for the stake dance though. Hopefully at a church there will be no walking-in-on-people-macking. (:

Mary said...

so where is this dance.
oh wait.
you can't reply.
you're not at home and i'm bored, wishing to dash out my brains.