October 18, 2010


yes- this is the inevitable post of my second day. but before the teenage story begins, I digress to friday night.
how to train your dragon? love.
my youngest sister has just entered double digits. I'm so proud.
madison is very humorous when she is very tired.

to save her oodles of humiliation, I won't go to far into such things.
I must warn you I now have a fetish of linking everyones name. that is all.

secondary- friday...

I never really liked being waken by music. it just doesn't set my mood right. when Talia said she was setting her musical alarm on her phone, I didn't say anything.
but when I woke up to Bohemian Rhapsody , it turns out queen is the way to start the day.

assemblies used to be my best friends. now- not only do we not speak to each other, but we loathe one another.
this one was no exception. I did like the american sign language lady. I think it would be nifty to talk with my hands.

I drowned in a sea of people. Of course I had mary, she's like my wallet- I never loose her. then I managed to find Seth, followed by Andrew and Matt. we then proceeded to be very stupid and get ourselves lost, yelled at, and stuck together for the rest of the day. I was a juvenile delinquent, I was on parole and I had three body guards. which made it difficult to be with my sophomore friends.

workshops got better. max and I talk of pug's with pink and gold wings. and pink lemonade with green m&m's. he and I are best friends.
I also learn how to do violent things to people. but it's choreographed. so it's kind of like cheating. I like it.
Eric is hilarious. "You're trying to choke her, right? Well right now it looks like you are giving her a neck massage."

Naturally after all the hair pulling, my braids we're suffering. so I fled to the bathroom to freshen up. oh the pleasure of teenage females. these last two sentences are not necessary for the story at all- I just like them.

So. apparently those lovely girl wallets are impossible for the male specimen to open. and then when a guy did get it open, he took my viking bucks. good luck trying to cash that in with my name on it, son.
I asked matt who took it. he then proceeded to look very nervous and answered with an I don't know.
then after the performance which we had came to view, he then told me that Evan's new name was Olivia.

Evan is a good liar. (ha.)
"All I have in my pockets are an ipod and gum. you want some gum?"
"Okay. I just want you to know that I trust you."
"I trust you."
"Oh. Look what I found on the ground...it even had your name on it..."

I feel like a rebel with a starbucks cup in my hand. fear not children, white hot chocolate is my new obsession.
also. never trust Italian cheese. my bad.

I am in love with my hair. when Austyn does it. she is a genius. and saves my life. Whilst I talk to emilee on the phone.
I perform. get "advice" from judges. apparently. my vocal acting needs work. and then my obligations are done. from that point on, if I got sent home- I think I'd be okay (well, in the moment I would, now I'd give anything to be back there.) as long as Mecham didn't tell Shelley.

while going to the hotel room briefly, I grab the jacket. ladies. the jacket. we go get dinner us three- walk like penguins, sing songs of gas, and eat subs. I love those two dearly. ((mary and talia))
they leave me to have a half cast meeting. fine by me. I eat crazy cores, catch up on my Phineas and Ferb, and lock boys out of my room.

Who else loves stories of Levi dying by magical unicorn? Improvisation is my best pal.
We chat with Freddie. the part in his hair is funny. Max secretly slaps me. shhh.
Fred Adams is swell. and he loves us. so ha, eat it american fork.

Not a word in the hotel room? that works...
Austyn takes forever to slumber.

when the story continues, you will find out, I save our lives, get kidnapped, am the holder of the cow, and the true inspiring story of victory. stay tuned.

((spencer demands his name to be linked.))


Spencer said...


Mary said...

when did you save our lives?
i also need your help for Personal Progress.
Sadly, you are the only one I trust enough for this. Everyone else is too biased.

Austyn said...

although this is a year late... i feel so special having my name mentioned twice. and i do take forever to slumber... it's a real problem.