October 20, 2010

miss parson wants me dead

miss parson wants me to die a death by colored pencils. who assigns four intensive coloring assignments over the course of one week?

and I. caring way too much, put too much effort into it. I should be coloring now. but I thought I'd tell you.
world geo = no bueno. the only thing I like about that glass is the occasional gummy bear.

I was a twilighter once upon a time.

this is how olivia does her homework. movie and song references. blogging while coloring. and so on.
hopefully an edward opportunity shows up somewhere. or better yet. jacob.


Meggy Leu said...

Haha I love the picture!

emilee said...

She better give you extra credit. That is beautiful.

Spencer said...

I less that three the picture.
You should draw a stick figure of you.
At the top.
Because you "helped" her fall off the cliff...