October 26, 2010

miss parson wants me alive

all my obsessive coloring payed off.
I didn't even finish the packet.
I'm in her room right now.
say hi miss parson.

she caught a glimpse of my drawings and gave me full credit on the spot.
I even showed her my blog post pictures.
((mind you she didn't see the title of the post))

let us rejoice in a day alright, recovering from a day gone bad.
now let's try watching dear john alone. or freaky friday. whichever.
by the way.
first song featured this week--now top on my wedding slideshow song list.
just sayin'


Mary said...

really? you're watching chick flicks alone?
you fail.

olivia said...

that is the point.
and until I find my chick flick watching buddy
I will be a failure.
hug me?

Mary said...

oh fine.
you only fail because you did not call me.