October 06, 2010

the insane, the intense, and the ugly

this post has allocated inspiration.
from maddycailey, and being in class. ( well I was in class when I started )
here are ten of the most interesting pathetic things about myself.
  1. the first day of first grade, when I was getting out of the car my mom handed me my lunch money and told me, "Now Livvy, don't get chocolate milk all the time okay? get normal milk too." I took it to heart and from first grade to 8th grade I never had a carton of chocolate milk. ever. only in the middle of last year did I realize that I am at an age when I can decide for myself which milk to drink.
  2. whenever I go to get a spoon, I wipe it off on the tail of my shirt, because I don't believe the dishwasher got it clean enough. I do realize the tail of my shirt is most likely dirtier than the spoon was in the first place.
  3. whenever I get a spoonful of ice cream, I blow on it before it enters my mouth. I think that my breath is warmer than the ice cream, so it is my last attempt to not make it freezing before it graces my tongue.
  4. when my hair is down, I like it to be pet. like a cat. to me, it's like you saying, "your hair looks pretty enough to touch." so if you ever get the urge to touch and or play with my hair, please do. (unless you are male, then you have to ask first.) but if it is up when you do this, I may make a noise similiar to a peacock dying.
  5. whenever I see a car with a bra, I point and shout in a cheesy british accent, "Look! A car with a brassiere!" because I once attended a pantomime tea party while waiting to be picked up from rehearsal (that is when the insane the intense and the ugly comes out {and where I got my title}) and someone's mother pulled up and I did such. which resulted in many people spewing their pantomime tea and Michael making me promise to do it every time I see a car bra.
  6. for as long as I can remember, I have been terrified of trimming my nails. Once when I was so young, too young to remember, my daddy got my skin. and ever since, I loathe my nails being cut. I've also never had problems with chewing my nails. ever. I've never done it.
  7. I saw a little behind the scenes making of tee shirt wars two video- the link line, "I don't know what this is supposed to be, but it means excited..." *with actions * I literally do it every time I am excited.
  8. last and least- (eight is the new ten.) I can't walk down stairs. I skip. I do this sideways skip thing and it decreases stair decreasing time by seventy-six percent. One of these days I am going to slip and be injured, but until then- here's to skipping. sirrah sirrah.

and henceforth I go into the Cedar City, leaving behind this dismal town for the competition of the bard shakespeare. see you sunday morning son.

sirrah. sirrah.


LisAway said...

I love you.

I had a roommate when I was living in Provo who petted my hair all the time and said, "soft as a downy chick". She also tried to get other people to feel my hair and how unbelievably soft it was. I sort of loved that.

Love the milk story; you're such a good girl.

Love the spoon wiping story, I do the same.

LisAway said...

Oh, and have SO MUCH FUN in Cedar City!!!

Maddy Frechem said...

Olivia, you are a pure genius!! This was great. Thank you!!