October 12, 2010

in order

to initaite fall break, plans must be made.

who wants to watch the twilight trilogy with me because I am feeling cheesy?
who wants to frolic with me and my camera?
who wants to do personal progress?
who wants to let me tell them girly stories of cedar?

come on over this break of fall. and we will party. I have crazy cores to tempt you.
we may also just maybe go see knight and day because we can and it's tom cruise.

also. I realize I have failed you blogging world- I need to actually tell you what happened at the competition of shakespeare. I will follow mary's example and break it up into days. so that It is actually possible. ((warning: our days at cedar were spent together- so if you read both of our loverly blogs, you may be feeling a touch of deja vu))

first and foremost: thursday...

the day I woke up at 4.30 in the morning on my own because my innards were dancing with excitement.
the day I left the house- here is what the farewells sounded like:
*blows delicate kiss* "Goodbye my pigeon!" "Farewell my flamingo!" "I love you all!" 
we are thespians. don't even worry about it.

the high school is. large. not gonna lie, I had to keep my self from gawking while stumbling along with my duffle bag. It felt too much like the movie where the small town girl went big city. that school is my new york. Levi is a good husband sometimes. sometimes he carries my bags onto Le Bus.

bus ride? this is how it went.
((I had a video portraying how well it went.
but it took to long to load for my liking.))

dear beaver cheese factory, we didn't mean to terrorize you. we are just teenagers with appetites, hormones, spoons, and a need for squeaky cheese.

then you arrive. then you must chuck all your belongings in room 2206 ((aside from your british wallet)) because max is yelling at you, "COME ON COME ON COME ON!" and you think you're going to subway. but you're really going to arby's, because max evan and luke say so.
then you shove curly fries down your throat because you're late anyways.

Greater Tuna: Is it a sin that I liked this show? there we're some parts when I should have walked out...
but. alien invasions. oh snap.

Pizza Factory? Blue Sprite? Never again. but I thoroughly loved it.
Then you sit next to your non-homecoming date during Pericles. or your friends.
and then you love it. not the show. but who you sit by. I love them.

oh the first night in the hotel room. Austyn, Talia, Mary, and I... it is safe to say we "accidentally" stayed up an hour and a half past lights out. Girls are just awesome sometimes. the right ones. and that is why you room with them. and why you talk about racist straighteners. and I'm pretty sure Talia brought three different curling irons. oh hair products.

so this is the first day of shakespeare competition.
and never close to the end.

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