October 28, 2010

I hope it's okay I almost peed thrice.

28 de octubre:
27 cupcakes. seminary is too good to me.
26 people who smile at me.
25 times I will probably make something up so it fits the numbers..
24 hours until the dance
23 hours until Tyler's party
22 divided by 2 is 11
21 divided by 7 is 3 (Olivia is good at math?)
20 more numbers to fill with silly nonsense
19 out of 20 I got on my second parson coloring assignment
18 minutes I have been doing this
17 edward has been for awhile
16 times I jumped around hugging those who also got into to musical.
15 years young I will be next week  permit yes.
14 years old my cars are. and it gets worse. I'm driving a minivan. yay.
13 times I have listened to that song- today
12 chocolate bars and apple juices needed
11 times I laughed at Micah alone. "I don't find this amusing. no." "I find this amusing! YES!"
10 my curfew..
9 dollars of babysitting I did last night. Jay is too cute. "I'm awake!" "Jay! You're supposed to be asleep."
"OH RIGHT!" and he was out.
8 times I decided I wouldn't post this...
7 hours at the public education building
6 people who make my day daily
5 times I could not stop laughing. oh them boys.
4 times I almost peed contrary to the title. and four different halloween parties and or gatherings I have been invited to tomorow night between the hours of 7 and 9.
3 tests today alone. whoo hoo.
2 halloween crosswords. the same words everytime; pumpkin, zombies, dracula, candy, broom, and you can't forget apple. "What does apple have to do halloween?"
"You know bobbing for apples...?" "Well we mexicans don't do that." and it turns out the 'mexican' was the only one who actually had been bobbing for apples.

1 day until hallows eve.

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