September 17, 2010

the writings of a spanish student

*I wrote this in spanish. it was a note to a comrade. it still is. to you. shhh*

when the stale air of the room met me, 
I could tell this was going to be the longest class period of my life.

Even before I saw the aging substitute.

The computer lab. I forgot- maybe this could possibly be a quick and painless 80 minutes.
let's flee so that music may be my refuge during school hours.

failure ensued. someone jacked the headphones.
this sub needs to be sedated.

although I wouldn't disagree that my classmates need to be yelled at.
not me of course.
I'm wearing yellow.

sometimes I wish I was a bride. I don't want to contemplate on who the groom will be...
but I wish to wear an uncomfortable corsetted dress, 
to walk into flower scented rooms every where I go,
to see people my parents know but I don't and let them shake my hand,
to have an exquisite banquet- pretzel dogs are a must.
unlike most teenage girls, (I assume)
I have no idea what I want my colors to be...
I guess I'll just have to imagine the aroma of pretzel dogs to tie me over.

what are your wedding plans?


Mary said...

Roses. Definitely deep red roses. that's all i got so far though...

Spencer said...

I found it hard to listen to Palmer too...
I played on my ipod...
Best class period of the day.

m a d (dy) said...

sorry you had to endure through the wedding plans spence...way to be a man.

m a d (dy) said...

((^that was olivia^))