September 05, 2010


Once upon a time I said the sun was in our atmosphere. I did it on purpose. and I think I got credit...

I also drove home in a lime green bug. Nash asked me, "Can your couch do that?!"

I can draw too. I think.

bearing your testimony is fun. especially when dad gets up and tells the story about the dog eating his favorite magnet, and when you catch young men staring at you.

Vanilla ice cream is boring and bland. right? right. I ate some today, just plain, and was thinking things such as, "This is really good...has it always tasted this way? Vanilla is delicious." and then I realized it was the first thing I had that day at 5pm.

I enjoy movies too much. especially when I am at my cousin's. Favorite movies of the moment:
Fantastic Mr. Fox- thank you max. you deserve an oscar just for lending it too me. and I probably maybe might give it back to you soon...

and also Sorcerer's Apprentice. *guilty.* it was much better than expected.

Raquel is here. now it's a party.

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emilee said...

Wow. That drawing is amazing.
& Of course the young men stare at you. You are the only attractive lady in our ward. Besides Sid. (: