September 02, 2010

the redhead

we are mortal enemies her and I. but that isn't the beginning.

the smell of drugs hits my nose and it makes my mouth hurt.
I take a seat in a clean, boring, straight, dull room.
((boring and dull are the same. but dull deserved a spot.))

I pick up a magazine. Carrie Underwood had her dog in a pink tuxedo for her wedding.

 I look up and the masked freckled face of the redhead is across the room

fighting back the urge to glare, I get up quickly and stiffly make my way across the office.
at least I got to go into my favorite room. you get that one carrot...
she then proceeds to change my brackets.

I do not like her near my metaled mouth, nor my pearly whites. and apparently. she doesn't like it either.
presently I have yellow colored braces. but I digress.

 Lund loves Talia and I.
that is why we got out early for Shakespeareitis.
and why I make the team.

to clarify that was me you saw running down state street. 
My sister and I don't get along on Thursdays.

1 comment:

emilee said...

How could you NOT like a redhead?
They are an endangered species, you know. Only 4% of the world's population.