September 28, 2010

my romance broke

once upon a time, in a land far far away, called july, olivia bought a wish bracelet, two actually, at the promenade with mary.

fortune said that once the bracelet broke, the color depicting wish would come true.
olivia purchased gold and red.

wealth, and romance.
olivia isn't even superstitious, it just seemed fun. which is all that summer was, fun.

back in the present, olivia was at rehearsal, twisting the now loose and worn bracelets that she never once removed. when she was fixating on the knots, one of them fell apart at her glance.

she ghasped.
she quickly turned over her wrist to see what color had broken.



emilee said...

I'm never leaving you alone with a boy.
There will be no making out, missy. (:

Maddy Frechem said...

Olivia, Your blog is in a word, brilliant. but better. It's pretty much the bomb diggety