September 07, 2010

I like me some nectarines

at long last I have finally been able to obtain a mocking jay copy.
I received it at about 2pm yesterday from spencer. ((thank you oh so much))
and am now about two-hundred pages in.
that's my new record.

and my dad happened to pack pita bread in my lunch. for those of you wondering, *cough emilee cough*
it was, in fact, a coincidence.

I also had a nectarine. my family recently has a surplus of them, and I love them. a lot. even though they make me feel seven because it makes my face sticky.

it was picture day. fortunately nectarine liquid does not stay for extended periods of time.

tonight is the night that you will all lose at the skittle game. Prepare to be owned whilst I prepare to dominate. within this preparation I should do my mathematics and laundry...and maybe read...

so. see you from the views of the winners circle, son.


emilee said...

Bring it, home-dawg. I'll skittle your face.
Your father is an ironic man.

Mary said...

funny, my family has a surplus of mini nectarines also

LisAway said...

I finally updated your address in my Reader and shall now stalk you properly. Sorry for my absence!