September 22, 2010

the funniest thing I ere saw (so far)

once upon a time there was a tuesday night.
which is mutual. and at this mutual there was sundaes.
sugar. so much sugar, which normally has no effect on me.
it got pretty crazy pretty fast. apparently I know eight different ways to dodge a volleyball.
and I might going deaf. just a little. because when you hear things, that's not good.

do you have lemonade? = you have a nice day

cherries  = cheer for me

jellyfish = goodbye

the last one was a joke that ensued from my possible hearing problem.

If you stay in the parking lot, you apparently can't walk home alone from mutual. I was assigned to strapping young men to walk me home. yes. half a block away. and we took the short cut.

and apparently the old man on the corner is crazy. the very same old man whose life I saved...
we were cutting through the untamed yard when Noah asked me if I knew the people who lived there,
when I shook my head he made the 'shhh' gesture. Spencer didn't see...and continued talking very very loudly.
"Spencer! Shut up!" Noah whisper-yelled. it was almost silent. but Spencer's scooter wheel sqeaked almost louder than he had spoke. I couldn't take it anymore. I began to giggle like the girl I am and Noah made a gesticulation and a light went on.

we froze, Noah and I turned to see if there was anyone there. it was the crazy old man's house that lit up.
once we realized it was motion activated we turned to see Spencer half a mile away dragging his scooter behind him.
Noah took off after him and I couldn't stand anymore.
I hunced over in half to keep myself from peeing my pants, which was very probable.
in the ending. the young boys swore they would never walk me home again. and a butterfinger was thrown at my window. it's called mutual. and it makes me happy.


Spencer said...

I didn't find it that funny....
That guy CREEPS the heck out of me.
He tried to donate pain killers....

emilee said...

Oh my.
That shortcut always made me nervous.
I'm pretty sure it wasn't the sugar that made you crazy.
It was your flirtatious hormones. (: