September 18, 2010

16 de septiembre

so I decided I wanted to post.
I didn't know what I wanted to write when I hit the new post button.
and then when the blank box came up, I decided I would let the words flow from my finger tips.

wing it, livvy. wing it.

*slam. slam. slam. slam.* "what are you doing?" "I'm having trouble acquiring life's juice...I remember when a young gentleman once said this to me..."

when miss mecham laughs really hard at something I did, it makes my week. I am still glowing with joy.
but not pregnancy. no. not that kind of glowing.

i really kind of almost wish i took chamber. almost. not quite. maybe if you guys have a huge party,
then I will.

I wonder if coffee tastes the way it smells. probably not.
because it smells lovely and apparently it's an acquired taste.


I am starting to loathe being the loudest table in earth systems. especially when sabrina and ashley say repeatedly: "Hey wassup, Dig?!"

there is a can of WD40 next to me. just in case.

"kind of like that one guy...what's his name again?"
"um. Buzz Lightyear?!"

sometimes I procrastinate. sometimes I am doing it now. sometimes it turns out badly.
sometimes I get it done on time during lunch and get one hundred percent.

I have a problem. a serious problem.

I am having deer sausage tonight. oooh. courtesy of brandon.

I have my shakespeare monologue all memorized(:
I am so proud of my brain.
apparently the nonsense list works really well for me.
I didn't even try it until seminary.
and it worked phenomenally.

okay. so here's the game plan:

sort laundry. tidy room. poe vocabulary. geography. spanish.
memorize viola's rant. write blog post. eat. 
brush pearlies. scriptures. pray. sleep. dream. 

ready. break.



Maddy Frechem said...

I'm choosing to comment to two reasons. Number one, this post deserves it because you're amazing. And number two, I wanted to look back on this and say "yeah, I was one of those speculations"

So there you have it, I speculated.

olivia said...

^I love this^

emilee said...

haaaay. I recognize this post. (:

Mary said...

did any of that game plan actually happen? Be honest now...

Spencer said...

16 de septiembre
posted on the 18.
Can you say delayed?
I can.