August 14, 2010

pink lemonade bubble gum

The most awkward thing about not having a license is when you need to get a ride from your friends cousin's roommate's uncle who happens to be an elvis impersonator. 

this happens a lot when your friend has older siblings that have driving powers. I have been trapped in a car with older sisters who were forced against their will and hate me at the moment, older brothers who like to swerve just to hear my scream, mother's who tell me about everything under the sun,  and an older brother and his girlfriend-which was awkwardest of them all.

I am going to get my license and eliminate this awkward factor and never bring it upon any of my younger sister's friends ever. 

There are some people that know me.
that I don't know. 
although these are few in number.

There are some people that I know.
that don't know me.

Let's highlight one of these people: Speedy Gonzalez
met: at youth conference.
saw last: at marching band
awkward: I yelled, "Hey look! It's Speedy!" and he said, "You know that's not my name right? It's Spencer..."
"I know. I just like calling you that..." 

and that is the end of the pointless post of me having too much time.


emilee said...

Spencer? The kid that made me step on a devil tree? He had no mercy...

-oLiViA said...

no I was the kid who had no mercy and made you step on the devil tree...