August 23, 2010

our last summer...

this has been the summer of teenage-hood. shall we reminisce?

June-  was the party. I had my first boy girl party (we called it such to intensify awkwardness), which was also my first party for no real reason.  Girls Camp, and the best youth conference I had ever been to. Strawberry days added to the "epic" factor by one thousand fold.  June was my favorite.

July- was the boring. It seemed to drag on forever and I learned that school is good for social life. Although miss Mary saved me on multiple occasions by taking me places with her band of spanish exchange students.

August- was the so-so. not bad, not great but just august. I saw everyone when I went to support the marching band and when I attended the stake dance of last night. I went boating with my lovely ward, and after that, I decided. School can start.

I am ready. Freshman year? Bring it.  It will be my best year yet. this year I won't:

be a jerk wad. 
wear as much make-up.
be mean to the youngins.

this year I will:

be a good seed.
be nice to the youngins. 
attain at least 3.7 grade point average. I prefer 3.9 or 4.0...
make it the best it can be. 

what are your plans for this year?

1 comment:

Mary said...

You're welcome for the rescues and yes, let's be good seeds together.