August 27, 2010


top things on my mind:

dance. looking forward, but I think I may have my expectations too high... I just hope I enjoy myself.

mocking jay. I've got to get my hands on that book before someone says something. I really could wait to read it, I mean I have been for a while. I just don't want any body to ruin it.

chocolate covered raisins. If reading that made you recoil, that's okay, more for me. these babies saved my life last year.. really, I'd blow off the dance if you said you'd watch a redbox with me in my garage and some chocolate covered raisins would be there.

and of course school. more specifically my teachers.
some deserve a prize for being mythical beasts.
others need some odor retardant.
let us award my teachers.

Palmer has been awarded the awesome pants award.
only one teacher can say, "For crud's sake, pay attention dude!"

Lund has been awarded the legit award.
she says legit every puts me in a delightful mood.

Mecham has been awarded the be a star award.
she gave me a gold star. and then ave me a heart attack.

and I have learned a new word: Homosapien.I can honestly say I laughed for 10 minutes after wards.
I'm a homosapien.
you're a homosapien.
we are all homosapien.

homosapien = human. now you can use it as often as I do.


emilee said...

Wait wait wait. You didn't know that word already?

Palmer. He rocks my milk box.

Shelly said...

After that post, I just have to ask, you do know your epidermis is showing, don't you? I can tell all the way from here.