August 17, 2010

high off of lake water

note to self: congratulations on not getting sunburned for the first time of your life.

note to young women leaders: more combined activities are needed.

note to young men: you make everything better.

note to taylor: do not try to pick me up again

note to noah: thank you for teaching me how to not die on a tube

note to spencer: although it is childish and cruel... I stole your shirt

note to sidney: yes.

note to everyone else: utah lake.


emilee said...

Oh my heck? (yes, i'm from Utah.)
Why aren't there any notes to me.

-oLiViA said...

note to emilee: there is chocolate in your flip-flop

SuzyQ said...

Yes!! yes yes yes yes!!! haha its going ot be the best!

emilee said...

Thanks. I feel better now.