August 18, 2010

confessions of a teenage blonde

  1. I like pens better than pencils
  2. I love cliché's 
  3. I think nicknames are cute
  4. If I could wear my super hero cape everyday to school, I would
  5. I want a tin lunch box with some teen idol on it
  6. I prefer smith's and macey's to walmart
  7. oreo's are my favorite cookies
  8. I have a cactus named phyllis
  9. I wish I was born in the secret garden and pride & prejudice times
  10. I have a love hate relationship with the 90's
  11. I talk to myself on a regular basis, normally in the bathroom and shower
  12. I have vowed never to kiss with my braces on because kim possible scared me for life
  13. kim possible was my childhood hero
  14. I believe in lucky pennies
  15. I am terrified to retrieve something from a car in the dark alone
  16. nick jonas is my one and only celebrity crush
  17. I think sandals are hot
  18. normally the most "risque" things that happen in my dreams is hand holding
  19. I really like walking
  20. boating is one of my favoritest things to do
  21. wallace and gromit make me happy
  22. I wish I had an accent that wasn't utahn
  23. I want to be one year older than I am
  24. I love climbing trees
  25. I want to go to a boarding school for a year or two so I can relate to my dad
  26. I like ghost whisperer a lot more than I should
  27. I cannot wait any longer for mocking jay
  28. I wish there was a summer dance or stake dance tonight
  29. I love taking really long drives
  30. and right after I wrote (and) my sister burst threw the door claiming that my dog was ran over. yes. he was. and now he is staying in the vet over night
and that is the end of all these little lovely facts about myself


    meg. said...

    i love this post.
    we're so much alike.

    dp said...

    Tip to having a cooler accent: Live outside of North America and "magic" you have an accent, and your foreign and exotic.

    Boarding School: For me it was over-all a positive, more now because I left the country and it's the stuff of fiction here. Jason's experience was a bit of a horror story, "hated it" for once is an appropriate descriptor. But that's not going to stop me filling your heads with the fiction of Hogwarts.