July 20, 2010

thinking inside the box

 There is nothing like mowing the lawn for the first time in...forever...?

rules about mowing lawns you should probably know before you even look at the mower...at least in the eye:

  1. sandals do not work
  2. when starting it up, it helps to do a fierce face
  3. sticks kill mower
  4. fill up the gasoline off of the lawn
this is what I learned today, the day of july twentieth. It is also my father's birthday. It wasn't good. until he got home and saw that I mowed the lawns. and then he obtained cherry chocolate ice cream and licorice allsorts. it made me happy to see him eat his food no one else will look at with a straight face. I like his funky exotic tastes. I like my father. 

I also like leap year. a lot. I will credit my being 14 a lot. because- it was cheesy. but. I really enjoyed it. the end.

"Leap year, diddlie-aye!
marry me, diddlie-aye!
I have a suitcase named Louie diddlie-aye!"

"Um, you fried my blackberry..."
"You fried the whole villiage! Idjut!"

"Mrs. O-Brady-Callahan, where the heck are you going?"

"Throw 'em in the wash, they'll be grand."


emilee said...

Yes. I checked all 3 boxes.

LisAway said...

Thanks for the lawn mowing tips but I don't plan to ever use them. What a nice gift for your dad! He is a weirdo. It's my favorite thing about him (and probably most people's). Thanks for the movie recommend I will rent it when it comes out and then blame your 14 year old tastes if it is cheesy. :)

LOVE the blog background! Did you use the new Blogger customizer thing?

-oLiViA said...

Why thank you Lisa(:
and yes I did use the new blogger design, although this particular set up is temporary, I hope to improve it.

Emilee. you gave me false hope I was being stalked.

-oLiViA said...
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