July 27, 2010

oh how I love seminary boys

Summer Seminary is something I can physically put on a schedule through the summer that helps me hold on to that little inkling of sanity I have left.

although the satanic forces of the universe try to stop me by sending hairy legs, pooping birds, and missing scriptures, I love to attend.

one thing that makes it even better? them seminary boys.

if they even show up- that's attractive.

if they open the doors- that's attractive.

if they read the scriptures or say the prayer- that's attractive.

I love me some seminary boys.  another thing I love is When in Rome. cheesy, cliche, and totally unrealistic. my type of movie.

"You smell like lavender..."
"You smell like livestock."

"What?! Is she here now?! I hate you, you're ruining my life!"

"In Italia when a woman runs away from you, it means she love you!
you must love me so much!"

"Free from temptation!"

1 comment:

emilee said...

Gah! Why do we always watch chick flicks! You know how easily I fall in love. (: