July 24, 2010

a bucket list of my very own

yes. it is time. for I am at a noble age and the completely wrong time (6:13 in the am) to be making a bucket list. so. let's punch it.  (this post inspired by meg)

(once I tire of this one I will conform and have seasonal bucket lists.)
  1. Pull an all nighter 
  2. become a true blue aggie (the 'A')
  3. go to yogurt bliss and get a brain freeze
  4. set up a tent in the backyard and have a slumber party
  5. get on television
  6. run the lavender 5k
  7. obtain 50 blog followers (2.28.11)
  8. howl to the wolves and get a response
  9. touch Dallin Major's hair
  10. be kissed in the rain
  11. go sky diving
  12. slap someone in the face (legitimately)
  13. drive in movie
  14. chalk attack someone's driveway (preferably at 5:23am)
  15. learn to dance
  16. be kissed atop a ferris wheel (6.17.11)
  17. learn to play the ukulele 
  18. go to the lindon division and ask for steve
  19. drive a speedboat
  20. ride in a hot air balloon
  21. ride a parade float
  22. learn how to do a backflip
  23. make a full length legitimate movie
  24. have 50 sour patch kids in my mouth at a time
and now as I realease this unto the world, you must all know that I now have completed bucket list #1:
pull an all nighter. 
((the ones in bold I have accomplished))
I would very much like your ideas dear friends. will you please tell me?
((this will be continuously updated))


emilee said...

kiss a bearded man.....

emilee said...

{that's on my bucket list}

LisAway said...

You're trying to tell me you have never had 50 sour patch kids in your mouth at once?

And I've had a slumber party in a tent in your backyard before, too! Greg and I slept out back of the PG cottage when you were 2. :)

meg. said...

oh, this is spectacular.
a kiss atop of ferris wheel is just as magical as it sounds.

Plain Jane said...

Own a monkey for more then a day.