June 03, 2010

Busy Bee? That's me...

I'm Olivia reporting live from Summer Stadium. Well we've been having a great week so far- but it's not over yet! We still have friday and we all know what that means, End of the year party! Let's go to Via for details!

Thanks Olivia! I'm Via and Olivia is one hundred percent correct! We have been planning this party for a whole month! But before we get to that we have to review the first week of summer so far.

Monday: I wake up in the morning. I do not feel like P Diddy. I text Madison. She tells me to get off the couch and get ready. I look around me in fear that I'm being watched. She claims she just knows me well. We'll see about that...
She comes over and we take a few photos for about 2 hours. Once she leaves for a barbecue I get on facebook to find that Evan has invited me along for a walk. I walk with him for about 2 hours, and when I arrive home I find that Shaylee has texted me asking to hang out. I also find out that I have to go to my family barbecue. I eat at my Grandmothers. Then I come home and Shaylee and I watch Sherlock Holmes. Day ends- 12.47 in the morning.

Tuesday: I wake up to a phone being shoved in my face. "It's for you."
I was Mary- recruiting my help in cooking for a fundraiser.
I departed from my house for my trumpet lessons and after plowing through ode to joy,
I walked ALL the way from Sidney's to Mary's. (approximately 1 1/2 miles straight up a hill.) with my trumpet case. When I arrived Her brother answered the door.
"Is mary here?"
"That's a lie."
He offered for me to check her room. No mary. Right before I died then and there- Mary walked in from the store. We cooked lemon meringue, 3 layer italian spice cake, and 2 dozen pumpkin cookies.
Then arriving home many hours later- I learn I must leave very early to Young Womens. I learn how to tie proper knots, throw axes, and to eat a hot dog. Emilee wants to have a sleep over. I beg my father. It becomes a teary war that I lose. day ends- 10:33 pm.

Wednesday: Wake up 6:15. go jogging with Emilee 7:20 am.
go to her house. go to my house. film, play with chalk. go to her house. eat. go to my house, text from different couches while watching ghost whisperer re-runs. Go to central and hang out with Evan. Drop Emilee off home. Go to Smith's. Go home. day ends- 9:17 pm

Thursday: Wake up being told to get a move on. Jolt awake. Work in a crazy sweat and heat on my end of the year video for 6 hours- only getting 13 seconds of film. Give up. Get invited to go to pool with Shaylee. Go. Swim. See people, get ignored, get played catch with my body, apparently not being ignored....go home. clean. feel confused...day ends 9:39 pm.

And tomorrow's the big day! To be filled with cleaning, purchases, and partying. I'm Via, signing off.

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