May 07, 2010

My Abdominins...

that's how I say it, too lazy enough to spell or say it right. I did 154 curl ups in PE. (woot!) and now I'm so sore I can't even stand up straight.

Yesterday I was filming with Megan and Evan yesterday, we are doing a history class film on the Alamo. I play the entire mexican army....and I'm blonde.

I am so ready for the weekend to finish off my homework for the year,  and eat chocolate covered raisins while watching redbox movies. aaaaah. doing nothing seems to suit my abs well.

well class is almost over- so there is not time to write and not words to say. other than my brain is now full of knowledge thanks to animal planet. I think I learned more watching a half hour of the most extreme than being at school for 6.

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