May 11, 2010

10 times 5

that's 10 times 5, that's 25 times 2, that's 50 times 1, That's $50. Fifty dollars staring me in the face. And fifty dollars looks a lot like misery.

Call to Freedom by Prentice Hall publishing for education. Used in my US History class, taught by none other than Mr. Spence.
I lost my textbook. And then I borrowed Mary's, and then I lost hers. My assignments still unfinished. We went into class yesterday after searching my house all over, and a meek student raises his hand.

 "How much is it if you lose your bo-"
"Fifty bucks."
the end. I had a heart attack. there was even an earthquake drill right then and there to prove it. That is 100$

When I got home I searched more ferverantly. I had to find these books. I called Mary. She took hers home. We are back down to 50 dollars. Relief. but only for a moment.
I decide it might most likely be in my locker. I don't use my locker often, so I may have left it there...So we shall see tomorrow.

Today. I say to Shaylee, "Shaylee, come with me to my locker. I'm sorry if you see me cry..."
Open my locker. there is an empty metal wall to stare at me. A sound of humorous misery escapes me. It sounds like a peacock dying.

No where. That book is no where. So if you locate a book with a gold eagle on the front, labelled #123 and on the inside cover it says Michael Jackson used it issued black returned white- it's mine.

50$ worth of mine.

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emilee said...

Owch. That bites. I'm sorry.