April 27, 2010

Ladies need Gentlemen

And now- a post about how old and ladylike I am becoming. I, am a teenager. This is an age of discovery. Discovery of who you are, discovery that cooties are non-existant. I have discovered recently, that I am a teenager, becoming a lady. I am no longer the feeble little goosling I used to be. I have feminine charm. Charm that gets you text books and laptops. Let me enlighten you on what I mean.

I used to race to get the text book when the teacher said go, I used to have to get up and get trampled to get a laptop when the teacher said go. Now, when the teacher says go- a young gentleman will say, "I'll get it for you." and within the next few minutes I have a lovely science book looking back at me.

Now, when I am departing outside- a young gentleman will hold open the door. How lovely to be a woman.
You are socially accepted to wear skirts and dresses, make-up, grow your hair long, while men would be socially looked down upon to do so.

Above I have listed the small joys of being a teenage girl of my age. Now I will list a not so great thing.
There is this boy. (I can see you rolling your eyes already.) Let's call him Bob. There is this boy named Bob that several of my friends have a crush on. There is this boy named Bob that had a girlfriend he broke up with 2 weeks ago. There is this boy named Bob that asked me out.
ME?! wrong person. not good. I'm too young- not good. He's still waiting for an answer. Not good. What I say? is not. good.
"Are you serious?!" you can see how the fairytale plays on from there.

In conclusion- women are lazy and tired, so they cannot do simple tasks such as opening doors and fetching items and pulling out our own chairs, so we need gentlemen to do these little things for us. The end.


emilee said...

Oh my goodness, are you referring to that day when Isaac opened the door for us? That still makes me smile. It was so unexpectedly adorable. :)

LisAway said...

Wow! Bob's got great taste. ;) That's very exciting. Yes, you are too young, but how exciting to be at the age you are with its advantages. !! Lot's of fun ahead for you! (but be good!)