April 19, 2010

is my OCD showing?

Me and the other T.A., Breannan, just finished grading papers and we had put it in a big pile on a chair.
He finished before I did and when I finished, I attempted to grab all of the papers in order to make it a straight pile. Papers flew everywhere.
"Sorry, I'm just really OCD and I want these papers straight..." I say, already starting to order the papers around.
"No, it's okay, I am too, I was going to straighten them anyway." and after 10 minutes we have a beautiful little paper pile.

I am not incredibly obsessive compulsive, if there is a pencil on my desk, it doesn't have to be aligned with the polar magnification of the earth or anything, I just don't like clutter.

I'm not sure how this came about. The only place I can stand clutter is my house. Especially my room. I'm sure this is a common way of thinking.

I attended my first stake dance on Saturday evening. It was like a school dance, but cleaner. The building, the music, it was refreshing. But since the stake has boys and girls that are not longer in jr. high school so I thought it was cool to see familiar faces I thought had dissapeared into the void of high school.

There was a little confusion though, My little group consisting of Emilee, Shaylee, and I were not sure if we should wear dresses or not. So we wore cute little sundresses and once we arrived we discovered that most, which is all, girls were wearing jeans. My father noticed when he came to pick me up and we talked about it after.

We decided it made us look classy. Like, we didn't unfashionably dress up in big poofy formal dresses, we just wore simple sundresses. But it showed that we cared enough to wear nicer clothes. It made me happy.

Then in the evening in front of the brick warmly lit stake center, we all began to sing sweet songs into the night. Mostly, "The winner takes it all" by swedish sensation of the seventies ABBA. We even got the echo down. Emilee even complimented my singing. EMILEE. Miss Sing Song of this generation, being best friends with a fantastical singer is tough, because if I was good friends with an aweful singer I'd think I was awesome. But my situation is quite vice versa. I'm probably not even as bad as I think I am. I just really adored that compliment...now I wan't to sing ABBA everywhere...


LisAway said...

I think I'm slightly OCD, too. Actually, I think it's just normal that everyone has there things. Mine is handwashing. I wash hands every time I come in the house from outside and about 4 billion times while I'm cooking

Glad you had fun at the dance! My very fondest memories as a teenager are from tri-stake dances. LOVED them.

emilee said...

Haha, I'm glad you added that little paragraph, because I was about to say, "How do you explain your room, missy!"
And thank you very much dear. :)
I do think your musical skills are improving.