April 23, 2010

I stole Tortilini

Foods today was the most exciting class ever. This isn't always a good thing. But exciting. I am very much enjoying my action-y educational day so far, and it's only 2nd period.

As the class starts, we learn we must make Tortilini, with a white sauce. I used to eat it all the time as a small child, and you'd think this would mean I'd be excited to make and eat it. Nope. I lost my taste for it along the line of the 6 years... 
We were told we were only to have 2 pieces of it. That is just outrageous. So Jennifer sole 20 pieces. for 4 people at a table, we are only to have 8 in total. I stole Tortilini. 12 pieces. Not so good so far...

And then you hear a booming voice yelling, "SHUT UP!" and you hear a crash. Instantanously everyone faces kitchen 2, where Chandler has just done something, and Mrs. Manuella is demanding now. Chandler picks up a broken wooden spoon and hits Martin with it before he leaves with our authoratative teacher. Everyone is buzzing now. Table 2 is in the lime light. I rush over as Kitchen 7's representive to find out what happened.
Since I am a good seed and don't gossip, I'll just say, a spoon was thrown, missed Alta's face, rebounded off a cupboard and broke. Clean in half.

While we are teacher-less for an hour, glasses fell out of the cupboard at my kitchen and then it shatters with joy as it meets the ground. I burst out laughing. Walk out into the hallway to find Manuella, where she is supposedly having a chat with Chandler. She's not there.
Safety rule #1- Alert a teacher when something goes wrong. We are teacher less...
The quest for a teacher is on. I go next door, where the teacher is mid-sentance, she shoo's me away, and I go to Miss Reid. She rushes over. But by the time she gets there, our efficiant little classmates have it cleaned up. No Teacher when the bell rings. Oh well, life goes on.

2nd period. Not as exciting, but educational. I will not go on about how much I learned about the copy machine today, but I love copying papers now.
Mr. Chappell has graced us with headphones today- because the next class over is CORE testing. So I have the rare treat of listening to music.

I am listening to the UK group endeared by asians for their name, The Ting Tings.
Are you calling me bird? - The Ting Tings
How I adore this day of today.
Who knows what will occur in the hours next. Hopefully, more.

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