April 15, 2010

Death by Extra-Curriculars

Songs of now and then can often be too complex. You think you understand what's going on, and then out of nowhere, a lyric hits you and you say, "Hang on, what are they singing about?!"  Owl City does this to me alot.
So here is a lyric that I enjoy very much because of it's bluntitivity.

I've been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirrior,
bending over backwards just to try to see it clearer,
but my breath fogged up the glass,
so I drew a new face and I laughed.
(thank you for enjoying this random burst of Olivia.)

Other than that. I think I might die of overwhelment. Next year I have a lovely spread of options for myself, sadly, I can't do so many things at one time. After all, multi-tasking is a myth.
I took up the trumpet about a month ago now, and I think this is  the last year I'll ever be able to take beginning band. Being in band and getting good can lead to excellent scholarships... But I've heard they must practice 2 hours a day. That is conflict.
I adore nothing more than being in plays. I love the music the dancing, the prep, the makeup, the costumes, the after parties, the people. It's just too good to pass up. But I'd have to commit (that is If I get in... that is if I get a decent role) From 2:45 to 5:00. Then If I decide I really like playing the trumpet this summer, I'll take up band and from 5-6 I'll practice. Then 6-7 Homework, then 7-8 more practice. That totally blows chores out of the water and then I'll have to do 6 hours of chores on Saturday to make up for the week. Then there was the interest in joining an after school government group. Meet once a week for an hour.
Gee whiz, where does that leave my free time?!
If I do decide to do band, then I'll have to drop Teen Living, which is supposed to be a really fun class. I can take it in High School, but then I won't get the flour baby.
If I don't decide to do band, I'll have a sense of quitting, like I let Sharon (my trumpet) down. And others as well, and If I decide not to do it for the sole reason of the play, and I don't get in...?!

So it all comes down to band or no band. Pro's of band? Learning an instrument, meeting new people, and getting scholarship oppurtunities. Con's? No free time, and the possibility of no plays.

I recruit you, faithful reader, to comment what you think I should do. Then after the public has spoken, I will do some soul searching and duke it out till the end of the summer and see how I like the Trumpet.


dp said...

First - make this the summer of the trumpet. If you have the discipline and gain joy from it, your back to this point.

If your intentions were good but... don't fight your weaknesses - avoid them. That means if you don't/can't dedicate yourself to music this summer - don't fight it - choose something else.

(also chore time is not flexible:)

emilee said...

I say drop Teen Living. That's what I did because I wanted Choir more. Learning a musical instrument can bring you (and others) happiness for the rest of your life.
You only have the flour sack baby for a week.
Plus, learning another instrument can help your singing skills as well, thus making you a more probable candidate for leading roles in musicals.
Yeah. :)