March 04, 2010

A sense of pride

The most rewarding thing in my line of work, (education) is seeing what you did displayed or used. When the teacher passed out todays assignment to the class- I glowed with pride because I copied and cut those papers.  In foods everyday is rewarding- especially when your table's food always turns out the best.

Today we made biscuits, and everyone elses turned out flat. I'm not exaggerating. All of them were like silver dollar pancakes. Ours on the other hand were light, fluffly, and crispy in the right places.

Right now the class is watching a whole episode of, "Gilligan's Island" to take notes on how the characters respond and react. I think it's amazing he's actually showing the whole episode, normally teachers just show clips. OH the joys of really old laugh tracks.

I must express at this time how very nicely the musical is coming along and how rehearsals are my absolute favorite part of the day. My favorite place in this prison like school is the auditiorium.
 The government looks at school building plans and say, "How can we save money....I KNOW! Let's build schools with as little windows as possible! I'm a genius." and thus- the prison like school was born.

Windows are simply my favorite things on houses and (not so much) schools. They let in natural light that makes me feel at one with....light.  Over head lights are atrocious. I need a lot of light. I do I do  I do.

Enough with things as trivial as windows.
as unusually strange it might be, I have nothing else to say about my life.

Life Lesson 11: Gilligan is wise.

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