March 14, 2010

Ocean Man

I like the new outlook of my blog. Although the lines in the back make the text harder to read. Sorry for the elderly that stalk me. (Not that I know of any, but I know they are there...)

I now must tell you the story of the picture (I'll post it for the sake of the facebookers.)
I call it Bewand. (beware of the wand? yeah.) This is from Megan's party, she had a Wizard's of Waverly place wand. It had a button that made the tip light up and force it to make a *WOOOSH* sound. It was love at first wave.

The title of this post is Ocean Man. It's the title of the credits song that plays at the end of the Spongebob Movie. Now your saying "OH! That's what that guy was saying!" Yes. It took me a while to find searching for it under, "Woahshiman"

Bye Bye Birdie is coming out this week and I plan on being better! Be there or be quadrilateral.


LisAway said...

The blog DOES look rather awesome, I must say. And that picture is quite extremely awesome as well. I definitely wouldn't want to get to close to the wand!

LisAway said...

I mean TOO close, to the wand. Sheesh.

LisAway said...

And one more thing. You are a joy. Just so you know.

Lindsay said...

i has blog too! :)