March 02, 2010


The class is talking about  round and flat characters. The student teacher asked, "What is the name of the wicked witch of the west?" Even though I'm not technically allowed to answer, I yelled, "Elphaba!"
They are speaking about her because she was a flat back round-ish type character in Wizard of Oz because they didn't develop her character. Until an author decided she wanted to do something significant to her character. Thus WICKED ! was born.

"You don't need to see his identification...these aren't the droids you are looking for..."
Star Wars movie clip time!
"The force can have a great influence on the weak minded.

Yesterday I had money in my pocket. I was at walmart. Oh the joy of feeling free and grownup buying whatever you want without asking a parental unit. I purchased mousse, hairspray, foundation, mascara, all that jazz.

Last night I made and shared my goals for the summer with my family. Bullet point time!
  • Spanish 2-3 hours a week
  • make one video a week
  • 1 hour of excersize and chores a day
  • read 5 books over the summer
  • 1 creative hour a day (writing, drawing, ect.)
I also am going places! All of the 4 places I'm going happen to be in June though. These goals don't apply when I'm not home.

I want to play the trumpet. Much to my mother's dismay. She wants me to play something elegant and beautiful like the violin. My father cut in by saying, "Well, which do you think discribes Livvy more?"
So I'm giving the trumpet a go. We're going to rent one soon and Sidney will teach me! So I'm thinking one day a week. We might have to figure a pay system for her though with so much work...

I'm pretty good and average other than that. Actually, according to my PE scores, I'm above average! I did 140 sit ups on friday, and only today can I stand up straight with out it hurting immensly. I can also do 19 push ups, and not the girly female push ups, the real cheese push ups. I was vibrating like a phone on ninteen though... I'm proud.

Life Lesson 10:  When you say Kansas city over an intercom, it sounds like Cans of Cities.


SuzyQ said...

Yay I will so teach you!!!! lol Trumpet is a lot of fun!!!

SuzyQ said...
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