February 09, 2010


That is the student teacher's name. No joke. I cannot even try to pronounce it. He has instructed us to call him Mr. T.

I have a horrid cough. It is very hearty. Not weak and feeble. It is loud and vibrating. It pains me. I would call home,  but I have had it for over a week, and there is no school tomorrow. Professional Development Day is just a nice way of the Teacher's saying, "WE NEED A BREAK!" do not fear teachers. The students agree.

Presidawn has left us. My amazingly awesome huge fat obese fish. My tank is the one of death. Beware it's powers. It will bring the plague among you and your fish. He was a pearscale. I suggest you google images it. There are some mortally big fish out there my friends. Presidawn has been deprived of seeing his fat potiential.

I'm so very very excited to drive. Some of you say, "WHAT?! Olivia, your so small! At least you were... how old are you now?! Where do the years GO?!"  Yes. I'm 2 years off from "officially" driving, but I may have my permit and driving around in daylight with an adult by the end of this year. I will drive, I will.
I will save my '76 Caprice from it's squalid condition and drive it everywhere and anywhere.

Happiness of the day/week:

Megan and Emilee eating at lunch. Emilee has a goldfish and she sings the goldfish jingle. "The snack that smiles back! Goldfish!" she then proceeds to violently bite off it's head saying loudly, "Who's smiling now fishy?!"

Life Lesson 6: Don't keep poking the dog when it growls at you. You move your finger.

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