February 16, 2010

She's so lovely

I enjoy british accents very much. They make me laugh and rewind the telly so I can catch it again and possibly understand what they are saying this time. I watched a rather mushy teenage girl british movie: Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging. ((for those of who aren't of british origins, snogging is basically making out))
I wanted to see it because Emilee read the books, she doesn't really want me to read them because they are, "risque." I believe her.

My dad wondered this aloud after I quoted the movie, "I wonder why I like you liking that movie so much." and we agreed that it was because it was british. If it was american we would be sitting there saying, "This is vulgar and crude." but if you throw in a british accent, whenever they say or do something crude you sit there and laugh.

The title of this post is after I song I enjoy from the movie, I'm not sure if it's british because when british people sing they sound somewhat american. Lyrical lyrics: "I like the way she fills her clothes, I like the freckles on her nose, she's so lovely, she's so lovely..." and so on and so forth.

Yesterday was fairly the best day of my life. Or so it's called. My life still has some room to be lived. I cannot say all we did yesterday because I have been gagged into secrecy, but that's alright. All I believe I am allowed to say is that after dad said, "I'm just worried what you'll be doing at 18 for kicks. Blowing up buildings?! ((he immatates our voices here)) AHAHAHAHA! Did you see that one go?! BOOM!

We went through the Taco Bell drive through in a "pantomime car" (("Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there!")) They refused to serve us. They didn't say anything. We kicked the voice box in frustration and to see if it would activate the motion sensor or something. We failed- a lot. I can't take anymore rejection from drive ups. We went iside to eat and Max gave us medicine sugar packets. They were AWEFUL! He said they were sweeteners and he put a little in his mouth- little being the key word. Emilee didn't know he put a little in and she dumped a LOT in her mouth. She yelled. I told them they were a bunch of wussies and I dumped a whole packet in my mouth.

It wasn't that bad, It was sweet, not delicous, I wouldn't put it on my cereal or anything. But then it turned very sour, very bad, very fast. I screamed in my mouth and pushed Max out of the booth and raced to the general direction of the drinking fountain. There wasn't one. I shoved some of my potatoes in my mouth but the bitter sweetness wouldn't go all the way away.

We went to DI and bought HUGE belt buckles. Megan's is my favorite. Nevermind. I adore them all. Why did we do such things you might ask? The bucket list.

We have a beautiful extensive bucketlist that Emilee Max and Megan wrote. And it has wonderfully crazy things on it we must do before we die. I should post it sometime soon...
But whenever I ask someone for something that is crazy, I simply say it's for the bucket list.

Life Lesson  9: When making a speedy get away- do not close the car door on the straggler- that may force them to jump through the passenger window.

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you are so funny and sound nice!