February 09, 2010


That is what is written on the board. I don't know what it is suppost to mean.

I just graded a bunch of papers about goal making. It has made me really want to make a goal. or several. Let's do it!
Short Term: (this week)
  • Fix my Mastery Assesment in Algebra
  • Do my late work in Algebra
  • Do my missing science work
  • Read over Second Chance
Long Term: (This month)
  • Have at least a 3.7 by the end of the month
Well. That was nice. On those papers were also five things the student spends most of their time doing.
Let's Go!
  • School
  • Chores
  • Facebook
  • Friends/Rehearsal
  • Sleep.
That is kind of pathetic. But hey. It floats my boat until I actually see it on paper.

In my Foods class we are learning about children and child development. We are having a daycare next class period, but next a day is also 80's day. I have a totally awesome 80's outfit. But I think it may scare my day care children. Which is more important to me? Dressing up in my amazing rocker 80's outfit. DUH.

The TA next to me is playing a zombie mass murder game whilst I blog. I'm trying to decide who is more nerdier.

Happiness of the day/week has a new name. Since I post every other day, it will be called:
Happiness EOD (every other day):

Directly after last posts happiness, Megan laughs and says, "Oh Emilee, your so funny! I wonder why nobody loves you."  ((she didn't mean it that way, but she said it.))

Life Lesson 7: Check to make sure your white pants are clean before departing to a party.


emilee said...

And MDYYYY means Month, Day, Year. :)

SuzyQ said...

Lol Olivia I feel like you nothing to but blog. Sigh....