February 11, 2010

llllllllllllllllllllllll <---stack of papers

that was the stack of papers I had to grade. it was atrocious. It took endurance to grade all those papers.

Today is 80's day at school and I'm in my scary rockers outfit.

Today was also the preschool. I think all 2-5 year olds are now mortified of entering jr. high now because of my get-up. But the child my group had I absolutely ADORE.

It was Cora's little sister Malori. She is four and the cutest thing. She wasn't scared of me and she would laugh with me and hold my hand. When we played duck duck goose, she replaced the ducks with- TOILET! Which followed in loud laughter by her. And when she sat quickly. she said- "I hurt my buuuuum." I adore her.

I've only seen about 5 people dressed up. Every one must think I'm a problem child.

Happiness:  will not occur in this spot due to the cute happiness above.

Life Lesson 8: REGRET NOTHING! -Megan

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