February 02, 2010


If you are older. or younger. And do not know how to read the title, It is like a, "For Sure!" sounding sentiment said very fast, but your not sure.

I feel like I am being a slacker. The whole class is up out of their seat rotating around the room playing a game and I'm just sitting here. On the laptop. Sla-cker.

I am going to make today amazing. It will be and shall be so. I will make it so. I am going to be positive and humble myself unto my fellow men. I will be selfless and truly awesome. That is why I feel guilty about being like a slacker- because I might have been lauging at the class had this been yesterday. Might have. Emilee.

Happiness of the day/week?

This morning when the car pool arrived I powerfully went to the door singing very audibly, "RED!  THE BLOOD OF ANGRY MEN!" and grabbed the door latch, still singing, and pushed very hard. I ran into the door. It was locked.

Life Lesson 5- Do not bad talk the owner of Taco Amigo when he is right behind you.

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