January 05, 2010

What cousins I have

I babysit my two cousins. Clark (7) and Rick (4)
kids say the darndest things. I would like to share one today. and then I life lesson- I plan to post a life lesson now once a day until I run out. I hope you find it as humorous as I do and if you would like an explanation-
please say so. Life lesson 1:

 Do not yawn when the dog is greeting you good morning.

Here is the hilarity of my cousin Clark.

"Livvy! Have you seen my Bakugan?! It is brown and has small red eyes and number 227 and it is about this big and..." (continues discribing it better than the manufactorer could) "...So have you?!"
"No, I'm sorry."
"AW!" and he scurries off to search and returns two minutes later with wide eyes and urgency in his voice,
"I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING! It was light brown!"

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